Extreme Web Performance

Faster loading websites are proven to produce a higher conversion rate and increase in revenue generation.

With a revolutionary approach to website optimization, Extimizer helps achieve some of the fastest page load times possible.

When website performance matters, your search is over!

Performance You Can See!

As soon as you install Extimizer, you will see a huge boost to page load times.

Mobile Performance

Engage the warp engines for mobile site speed performance.

Performance Test Results with Extimizer w/ LiteSpeed Cache for Extimizer.com from Google Page Speed Insights on September 12, 2020 showing Mobile Score of 98

Say Goodbye To Slow!

Extimizer pushes page load times of mobile browsing to the extreme. Step into the green with Extimizer and leave the slow loading monstrosity in the dust!

Desktop Performance

Who says you cannot be perfect? Not us! Be perfect.

Performance Test Results with Extimizer w/ LiteSpeed Cache for Extimizer.com from Google Page Speed Insights on September 12, 2020 showing Desktop Score of 100

Amazing Results

Extimizer works beautifully with LiteSpeed Cache and the two combined can achieve a perfect score without a content delivery network or custom optimizations.

Beta Testing & Founder’s Discounts

Extimizer has entered Beta Testing and we are ready to begin testing Extimizer in the wild! Take your website’s performance to the extreme and help us improve Extimizer!

The first 250 customers (Founders) will receive a 30% Lifetime Discount on a subscription to Extimizer, which will apply to all future renewals.

After that, we will make available a 25% Lifetime Discount for all other customers who purchase a subscription to Extimizer throughout Beta Testing.

Extimizer's vortex-styled logo as an icon.

Fully Autonomous Optimization

Many other optimization solutions can achieve decent performance results, but often require an extensive amount of configuration to achieve it. You can find yourself deep in research to figure out what settings are viable or which settings should not be enabled.

Extimizer was developed to be a simple, fully autonomous, solution for improving website performance. This is achieved by scanning the HTML output and performing optimizations based on that output. For most websites, there will be absolutely no configuration required!

What You Can Expect!

  • Fast Optimization – load in less than 2 seconds.
  • Automatic Optimization – minimal configuration.
  • Smart Optimization – use every tool available.
  • Cache Optimization – keep processing times low.

Remove Unused CSS

An exclusive feature of Extimizer involves combing through the CSS of your website to remove unused CSS.

This optimization helps speed up initial page render times by reducing the amount of processing the browser needs to perform to apply styling.

Preload / Server Push

Extimizer will automatically set up your CSS, JS, and Media to be preloaded or pushed out from the server (if supported).

This optimization helps speed up download times as the browser can begin downloading assets before it even begins to process the HTML.

Optimized Asset Loading

Many assets, such as images and JavaScript, are not required to begin rendering a page. Extimizer will defer asset loading until after page rendering.

This optimization tremendously improves page load times by focusing on rendering content, then implement dynamic functionality.

Browser Caching

Upon installation, Extimizer will implement the code needed to enable Browser Caching to store copies of downloaded assets for use.

This optimization improves the page load times of subsequent page views by removing the need to download assets on each page view.

Enable Compression

Upon installation, Extimizer will implement the code needed to enable Compression to reduce the size of assets for download.

This optimization helps speed up page load times by reducing the amount of time to download assets by allowing the server to serve smaller files.


Extimizer will automatically inform the browser to preconnect to any external domains, to speed up download times of third-party assets.

This optimization helps improve page load times by connecting to third-party domains before the browser requests third-party assets.

Beta Pricing

Extimizer is currently undergoing Beta Testing.

As a thank you, for supporting Extimizer, we are giving a lifetime discount of either 25% to 30%.

After you have installed Extimizer, please let us know what we can do to make it better for you.